Thatching Sunridge. The Thatch Roof Experts

Thatching Sunridge is the renowned Thatch Roof Experts.  Go for the real African look and contact us for Thatching your house, getting a thatch Lapa.

Right now you may be the middle of building plans for your new home or entertainment area and you are considering the idea of a thatch roof.  Your Sunridge premises need something natural that makes you or your holidaying guests feel at ease and makes the environment more welcoming.  Take a good look at the option of Thatching Sunridge and what we offer on thatching houses.

For Thatch Lapa prices and Thatch roof prices

For competitive thatch Lapa prices, for affordable Thatch roof prices, and for the thatching contractors that deliver Thatch Roof services.  Get in touch with Thatching Sunridge and speak to an agent on standby to talk you through our great pricing and all of the services we offer.

Thatching Sunridge
Thatching Sunridge

For Thatch Repairs call thatching companies

For Thatch, Repairs call thatching companies, and we suggest you call Thatching Sunridge for repairs and maintenance on all thatch roofs.  We offer great maintenance packages that can save you time searching for the best thatch experts and money because we have competitive package prices.

Thatched garden gazebos

There are a great number of garden features to add to your property and as Thatching Sunridge knows thatch best we suggest thatched garden gazebos, not only do they make for a pretty feature but they serve a purpose for a shaded garden area around the swimming pool or pond giving you or your guests the opportunity of relaxing outside with a cool large thatch umbrella.

We do swimming pool Repairs and Borehole Repairs

Thatching Sunridge have quality services for your outdoor area and add to our services swimming pool repairs, swimming pools may have leaks or damaged pool pumps.  Borehole repairs are also a part of the services you can count on us to do.  Simply give our offices a call and speak to us about all of our other restoration and repair solutions.

Irrigation Solutions

Although Sunridge may enjoy good rains in Winter with summer on the way and water restrictions looking after gardens and maintaining a green and pretty appearance is not always easy, but if you choose irrigation as a solution it can save you water wasting, water costs, and of course watering time.  Contact Thatching Sunridge and speak to us about irrigation.

Lush Landscaping and Instant Lawn

Instant Lawn and Lush Landscaping offered by Thatching Sunridge.  We provide a good quality lawn to give you instant green scenery instead of the tired dead grass left behind from winter.  Ask us about giving your garden a countryside makeover.  Thatching Sunridge has experts in foliage and plants for your property enhancing the landscape making your outdoor pool area look even more attractive with your new Lapa or thatched garden Gazebo.

Thatching Sunridge
Thatching Sunridge

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